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Mini Controller Charging Stand™ for PS5, NS and Xbox Series X

Our Mini Controller Charging Stand™ is here to conveniently charge and display your controllers supporting Type-C charging.

  • Fast effective charging
  • Less hassle without having USB cables all over
  • Charges NS, Xbox Series X, PS5 & PS4 controllers
  • Features additional tower to store headset
  • Next Gen design that blends with your consoles
  • Features LED indication that updates you on the battery status of controllers

Our well designed Mini Controller Charging Stand™Is here to serve Next Gen charging. With our quick charging Mini Stand, you'll be able to simultaneously charge two controllers of any of the supported consoles (NS, Xbox Series X, Ps5 & Ps4).

Simple to set up 

Supports Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X, PS4 & PS5

Next Gen Design that blends with your gaming setup

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