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Zelda Sheikah Slate Wireless Charger

Wireless Charge Your Phone With Our Sheikah Slate Charger

Fast charge your device with our Zelda Sheika Slate Charger. You will see the lights start to glow and hear a sound as you place your device on the Slate.

This product is compatible with any Qi-Enabled Device. If your phone doesn't have wireless charging, you can use a wireless charger receiver instread, allowing even much older devices to wireless charge.

Zelda wireless charger sheikah slate

Zelda wireless charger sheikah slate

Zelda wireless charger sheikah slate



Input: 5v-9v 2.1A

Output: 9V 1.67A

Weight: 425g

Plug type: Type C and Micro USB

Diameter: 25cm/9.8 inches

Thickness: 1.5cm/0.6 inches


Zelda wireless charger sheikah slate


How To Use:

Simply place your phone in the middle of the Zelda Charger and once the charger detects your device, it will turn on the light and sound effects simultaneously. There are two phases of the light effects. The first one activates when detecting smart devices, lasts for 7 seconds and then starts charging. The second phase lasts for 23 seconds, lights will then turn off while the charging resumes.

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