LED Joy-Con Charging Station

LED Joy-Con Charging Station

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 Our LED Joy-Con Charging Station was created to help you charge multiple Joy-Con's at once. This design makes it easy and convenient to charge your Joy con's when needed and at a faster pace.

Safely plug and play. Our LED Joy-Con Charging Station will charge 2x faster and can charge 2 pairs at once.


  • LED Light - Easily notice when you're Joy-Con's are charged by LED light turning green.
  • Charges 2x Faster - Rapid charging to ensure you wait less to play.
  • Charge 4 Joy-Con's - Charge more than 2 Joy-Con's like you normally do.
  • Type C Charging Cable - Comes with a type c charging cable.
  • Small Convenient Design - Easily store anywhere, takes minimal space.
  • Simple To Use - Simply plug and play.