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GamerPro is Designing An Exclusive Halloween BMO

GamerPro is Designing An Exclusive Halloween BMO

As you may seen by now, the BMO Switch Dock has increased in popularity as everyone wants their own cartoon-favorite robot friend.


But that isn't it, you will also be able to get a Halloween themed BMO this October. GamerPro has created a double sided face plate that will allow you to switch between a Jack O' Lantern face to an original BMO face with a twist on this version.


This Halloween Themed BMO will be a pumpkin-orange color with different fall colored buttons on the front. The arms and legs will be a dark tan color.

This BMO will not only be aesthetically pleasing to your desk, it is also useful to store accessories inside, Sit your Nintendo Switch on it and also use it as an item to collect, as it will never be restocked again.


This BMO stand is set to launch anytime between now and October 1st and GamerPro will only produce a limited quantity, so it's worthwhile checking them out. 


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