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Nintendo Switch Charging Display Stand

Nicely Display And Charge

Our Charging Display Stand is a convenient stand to displays your Nintendo Switch and accessories, while charging them. 

Nintendo switch charging display stand

Takes up minimal space, and fits right in with your setup

Nintendo switch charging display stand


    ✔Charging indication

    ✔Separate Switch & Dock Placements

    ✔2 Joy-Con chargers

    ✔2 Pro-Controller chargers

    ✔1 USB Type C to power everything

    ✔Slim compact design



    Q: Will this brick or damage my Nintendo Switch?

    A: No, this particular stand doesn't damage your Nintendo Switch as it's purpose is to display and charge, although third party docks that are supposed to replace your original Nintendo Switch dock are known to harm Switches. Our Charging Display Stand isn't a replacement as you'll still be using your original dock, therefore your Nintendo Switch is safe using our products.


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