Nintendo Switch Dock Pro™

Nintendo Switch Dock Pro™

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Play your Switch on your TV faster and with no hassle. Our Mini Dock Pro™ is lightweight and portable. Take anywhere and simplify the use of the hybrid Nintendo Switch System. Our Dock Pro™ is compatible with other items such as phones, laptops, tablets and more. Supports 4K resolution and includes Power Delivery charging.

Dock Mode Made Easy & Fast

Simply connect the Dock Pro™ to your Nintendo Switch and to your TV for instant usage.

nintendo switch mini dock

Great For All Household Products

Our Dock Pro™ will work for all of your other devices such as your tablets, phones, laptops and more. Easily connect your Dock Pro™ and instantly see the display on your TV in 4K.

Small, Compact Design


Unique Design with Multi-Purpose

USB 3.0 Interface Expansion + Transmission

Various peripherals can be connected, the transmission speed can reach 5GBps

Included in Order

Input: Type-C

Output: HDMI-Compatible: 4K/30Hz. 1080P/60Hz

Material: ABS

Use: Docking Station For Switch and other devices