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Nintendo Switch Curve Joy-Cons (L-R)

Blue red
Green pink
Deep gray
Deep green
Light gray
  • 【Designed for Nintendo Switch】 Ideal replacement for Switch Joy Con; same set of original Joy-con buttons; used independently in each hand or attached to console for use in handheld mode.
  • 【Game Sharing Pleasure】 The left and right joysticks can be used separately to meet your individual needs,you can share a Joy-Con with your friends, yours can bettle or cooperate at any time.
  • 【Advanced Function】 The handle is equipped with a 6-axis gyroscope for precise aiming and shooting; each controller contains an accelerometer and a gyroscope sensor, suitable for all kinds of racing, shooting, running games.
  • 【Automatic Reconnect】 When the controller is paired with the host once and the host's Bluetooth is turned on, you can reconnect in a short time by waking the controller from sleep.
  • 【Easy & Fast Pair】 Buetooth wireless / Wired connection, stable signal; automatically reconnect; rechargeable battery life around 4 hours, and 8 hours for non vibration gaming session; charged by console or mirco usb.

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