Nintendo Switch Storage Stand

Nintendo Switch Storage Stand

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Organize And Store Your Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch Storage Stand™ is designed by GamerPro as a convenient solution for messy, unorganized Nintendo Switch setups.



Nintendo switch tower game stand cabinet

Dock Support Prevents Switch From Falling 

Our Storage Stand features a cabinet at the bottom to store additional accessories.



Nintendo switch gaming tower storage stand for controllers and cartridges

Easily store your controllers, games and Nintendo Switch dock together

Ideal for multiple accessories. Quickly find your preferred game or controller with an organized setup.
Nintendo switch cabinet stand
Our Storage Stand is one of the most popular accessories you could get right now for the Nintendo Switch. This accessory allows you to store your top 10 games which makes it easy and convenient to switch between games. Our stand takes up less space than the individual components. You will have a better organized setup with the accessories you already use. This stand also holds the Switch dock in place to prevent it from tipping over.
Our Storage Stand is one of the most useful products out right now, which is why we created it in hopes of giving you a better organized setup, and it seems to be doing perfect

Benefits Of Our Stand

Removes risk of losing items 
Easier to organize setup
Easier to find games/accessories
Takes less space than individual components do
Improves cleanliness and appearance
Improves Switch Dock’s balance
nintendo switch tower stand multi-functional hooks


  • Dock Support - 6.8 inch slot to hold dock in place
  • Easy to Assemble - 9 easy to assemble pieces
  • Supports up to 10 Game Cases - Store 10 physical Nintendo Switch cases
  • Sturdy to Withstand Weight - Compact and sturdy to ensure stillness
  • Includes 4 Multi-functional hooks - Store 4 controllers or cords
  • Features Additional Cabinet - 6.8 x 4.5 inch cabinet
Nintendo switch gaming tower storage stand for controllers and cartridges

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my Switch tip over easily? 

No, it is wide enough to hold in place and features slot support for the Switch and dock.

➤Does this hold GameCube controllers?


➤What if I have more than 10 games?

You can store your top 10 favorite games, or purchase 2 like some customers have.

➤Do you have a stand that charges controllers?

Yes we do, select our menu "Stands" and visit our Charging Storage Stand.

➤Does the top support block the Switch dock's USB port or cables?

All cables can freely be connected while the dock is held in place.



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